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Shelley is a qualified and professional Settlement Agent that can settle a property anywhere within Western Australia.

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    Settlement agent Greenmount – Buying or Selling?

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    Hi, I’m Shelly Staddon, an experienced settlement agent for all Perth suburbs including Greenmount.

    We make the settlement process clear, easy to understand and step you through the entire process so you settle on time.

    All with great rates, care, and patience to ensure all potential problems and issues are dealt with.

    We can deal with complex issues with knowledge and certainty.

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    What should you consider when you are showing your home?

    All improvements: on the property are council approved? If not, make it clear on the Contract of Sale so the Buyer is aware of this

    If you have a mortgage: do you have a mortgage on the property, contact your bank to discuss their requirements to discharge the mortgage.

    Property is not encumbered: If your property is not encumbered by a mortgage, then you may hold the Certificate of Title (provided that a duplicate Certificate of Title has been issued by Landgate.

    Plumbing, Electrical & Gas: do they all work?

    Residual current devices and smoke alarms: are they compliant and working?

    Planned travel: are you planning to go away during the settlement process? contact your agent to discuss this.

    Keys: If you reside on the property, then you have until midday the day following settlement to hand over your keys to the Real Estate Agent. If the property is vacant at settlement then the keys must be handed over immediately following settlement.

    We are licensed in all aspects of conveyancing in Western Australia. Other services that we offer:


    • Houses
    • Vacant Land
    • Duplex
    • Townhouse and Villa Strata

    Selling a House

    • Private Homes
    • Commercial properties
    • Estates

    Title Searches

    • Shelley can search for titles and pass that information onto you
    • Email or Call today to talk about this service

    Lodgement of documentation

    • Lodgement of documentation at Landgate
    • Email or Call today to talk about this service

    Court Order Transfers

    • For Material Separation
    • Email or Call today to talk about this service

    Green Tie

    • Green Tie and Strata Title Subdivision
    • Email or Call today to talk about this service

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      Your settlement agent, conveyancer or lawyer, will complete a variety of tasks on your behalf including:

      • Search land title to verify you are the legal owner
      • Ensure the property is compliant with regulatory requirements such as ATO clearance certificates, outstanding rates and smoke alarm and electrical building codes.
      • Ensure any special conditions in the contract have been completed to your satisfaction before settlement takes place
      • Prepare and verify all necessary legal documents and forms
      • Attend to all adjustment of rates, taxes and levies as required
      • Liaise with your financial institutions to confirm existing loan balances and provide payout instructions
      • Co-ordinate the settlement die and time with your financial institution and the buyer’s settlement agent
      • Provide updates on the settlement process and advise you of any potential delays, including your rights when it comes to compensation
      • Attend settlement on your behalf to ensure the correct exchange of legal documents and funds and let you know once settlement has occurred
      • Provide a settlement statement

      We offer a cost-effective and stress-free settlement process for Greenmount

      We are licensed in all aspects of conveyancing in Western Australia. Other services that we offer:

      Our services include Greenmount home appointments, including weekends to sign confusing documentation and to conduct a verification of identity check for sellers to avoid going to Australia post. However, we are also able to work remotely to do all this over the phone or in person.

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